Friendly Farm Family Style Restaurant

Looking for a place to gather with Friends and Family, Friendly Farms in Upperco, MD should be at the top of your list.

Friendly Farm Family Style Restaurant is a unique dining experience in Upperco MD. Why would people from out of state drive off the beaten path to Hereford in unincorporated Baltimore County, to dine at Friendly Farm? Is it the food or the dining experience. This is not your date night style of restaurant. This is a restaurant where you sit down with family and friends.  The uniqueness begins when you first walk in, prior to seating, you order your main dish. Then you find a table. Given that the meal is served family style, the servers will bring out bowls of the appetizers. Take what you want and pass it around. When your main dish arrives, the servers will bring out bowls of the side dishes.

Friendly Farm Roast Beef Plate
Friendly Farms Roast Beef Plate

Don’t go to Friendly Farm expecting a huge menu. Their menu ranges from Fresh Fried Chicken to Steak, and Seafood specialties. I recommend reviewing their website prior to going. I chose their Roast Beef, the thought of tender beef smothered in brown gravy appealed to me. The Friendly Farm roast beef lived up to my expectations. The sides that came with the meal were good, but the one side they don’t serve is mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes smothered in their brown gravy would have been perfect. If you not of fan of canned green beans, I would recommend skipping them. I myself prefer fresh or frozen green beans. The meal is finished off with a serving of ice cream.

The appeal of Friendly Farm is that this is perfect if you want to sit down with your family and friends and don’t want the hassle of cooking or the cleanup after a real good meal. You pay one price for the meal with comes with limitless drinks, appetizers and sides. The one appetizer that stood out was the Sugar Biscuits, not recommended for diabetics, a sweet warm biscuit coated in sugar is something else.

Friendly Farm Exit
Friend Farms Family Style Restaurant

I will definitely recommend Friendly Farm Family Style Restaurant. Quiet and intimate, no. Family restaurant, yes. When I speak about destination drives, this is definitely a destination drive. Have you been to Friendly Farm; leave a commit below.

Ott House Pub

Ott House Pub has been gracing the streets of Emmitsburg Maryland for more than 50 years.

As a true Road Warrior, I find planning meals essential. Being hungry on the road leads to bad choices. I knew on the return trip from Hagerstown MD, I would want to stop and eat dinner. On the way to Hagerstown a few places  caught my eye, one in particular was the Ott House Pub, in Emmitsburg MD. So, on my way back through Emmitsburg, I stopped for dinner at the Ott House Pub. At first glance, everything seemed promising. Luckily I found a place to sit at the only remaining table. The waitress was quick to serve me a drink and bring me a menu. I was caught a little by surprise; the entree’s are primarily seafood. They do have a singular steak. Beside the steak and seafood, they also serve Pizza and Burgers.

OTT House Delmonico Steak
Ott House Delmonico Steak

I was looking for a meal and since I had seafood the day before, I chose their Delmonico Steak. Unfortunately, the best part of my meal was the baked potato. I prefer my baked potatoes plain with just butter. In researching what a Delmonico Steak should be, the only thing that is in agreement on the web is that a Delmonico Steak should be a thick-cut, high quality steak. What I was served was neither thick-cut or high quality. Of the 12oz’s, a good portion was fat or just tough. The steak wasn’t all bad. It was cooked to a medium rare. The seasoning was spot on, so it didn’t taste bad, just not something to write home about.

When traveling, there are times when time is not an issue, and you want to kick back for a meal. The Ott House Pub  let me down. Looking at the reviews on Trip Advisor, I would have thought the people that left the reviews were eating at a different place. My recommendation is changing the name of the steak on the menu. Calling it a grilled steak lowers expectations. I still would not have been happy, but I would not have been searching the web to find out what a Delmonico steak should be.

Don’t let my review be the last word on the Ott House Pub. They have received 32 reviews on Trip Advisor that were mostly positive. Scattered in the positive reviews were reviews left by people like myself that did not enjoy their meal. Have you been to the Ott House Pub. Leave a comment and let me know how you feel.

Dobbin House Tavern

The Dobbin House is fine dinning in Gettysburg, PA.

When asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said I wanted to go to the Dobbin House for dinner. I had read that the Dobbin House was the oldest home in Pennsylvania. The house was established by Alexander Dobbin in 1776. Today the house has been fully restored. According to their web-site, National Register of Historic Places states, “The Dobbin House is a colonial restaurant where candlelit elegance, superior food in abundance, and gracious service bring back the sights, sounds and tastes of two centuries ago.”

Dobbin House Interior
Dobbin House Dinning Area

Every room in the Dobbin house gives you the impression of elegance. Whether it is a night out with that special someone, or a celebration, the Dobbin House is the place to go. Each room is elegantly decorated, adding the ambience is the candles at each table. When you are finished or while waiting to dine, you can visit their museum and see how they played a part in the underground railroad.

Dobbin House Steak
New York Strip Steak

The Dobbin House menu is limited by design, with a selection of Steak, Seafood, and Poultry. It was hard to decide, with everything sounding delicious. We selected the New York Colony Strip Steak and the Fresh Catch of the Day which happened to be Salmon. The one thing that struck me as strange, when the bread was brought to the table, I was surprised to find lukewarm dinner rolls, that you can find in any supermarket. We have the impression they were heated in the microwave. I would have expected that they bake their own rolls. Aside from this my meal was OK. The steak was cooked to my preference of medium rare, it was seasoned just right. I have no real complaints. At the same time, I have had better steak at chain restaurants.

Dobbin House Salmon
Dobbin House Salmon

The Salmon on the other hand was under seasoned. It is a major turn off when a person has to reach for the salt, to add seasoning to a dish. The Salmon was underwhelming. It just didn’t say fine dining. Eatable yes, fine dining, no. A standout of the meal was the soup of the day. For this evening’s meal, they were serving a corn crab soup. Definitely worth trying.

Dobbin House Bar
Spring House Tavern Bar

If you looking for a special night out, the Dobbin House should be on your list of places to try. There were some challenges, especially if you have experienced fine dining. For myself, I will be heading back because I want to try the fare at the Spring House Tavern. The Spring House Tavern is an underground bar that is part of the Dobbin House. Their lunch menu says must try. Let me know your thoughts below. Have you been to the Dobbin House?