Pork & Beans Store

Hungry for a good sandwich at good price, you need to go to the Pork & Bean Store in Westminster MD.

I don’t know how many times I have driven by the Pork & Bean Store, of Westminster Md. If it wasn’t for a recommendation by the President of Ridge Engineering, I may have never stopped. This would have been my loss.

If you have been reading my articles, you know that I’m always searching for the best Reuben sandwich. When I was told they make the best Reuben sandwich around, this was enough for me to drive to the Pork & Bean Store and put this recommendation to the test. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed.

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. My picture does not adequately show how big this sandwich actually is. Pork & Beans Store Reuben Sandwich is a meal. I had lunch for two days.

Pork and Bean Rueben
Pork & Beans Reuben Sandwich

What makes a good Reuben sandwich? To start with you must have quality ingredients. Next is the proportion of the ingredients. You don’t want the sandwich to be one note. Finally, how the sandwich is prepared.

In the case of the Pork & Beans Store’s Reuben sandwich they use a quality corn beef that is thinly sliced. They start with two thick slices of toasted marble rye. They have a unique way of assembling the sandwich. They start with a layer of corned beef, then a layer of sauerkraut, then a layer of corn beef. They finish the sandwich with Thousand Island dressing and Swiss cheese. If I was to change one thing, I would use a thinner slice of Swiss Cheese and ensure it is melted.

Pork and Bean Turkey Club
Pork and Bean Store’s Turkey Club

The Pork & Beans Store’s Reuben sandwich may be good, but their Turkey Club is killer. What makes a sandwich killer? It’s when you bite into the sandwich and it’s definitely not one note. You taste all the flavors in not just the first bite, but in every bite. Now when I’m in the mood for a Turkey Club, I have a new favorite place to go. The turkey was fresh and juicy and the bacon, oh my! I don’t think it would have made much of a difference; but you are given a choice of bread, I selected the marble rye.  Just as in the case of the Reuben sandwich, the Turkey Club is a meal. I have to admit I didn’t save half the sandwich. It was just that good. This sandwich alone is worth the drive.

I haven’t tried their breakfast selections yet, but I will be back whenever I’m in the mood for a good sandwich. There is so much more to the Pork and Beans Store. They sell Artisan coffees, Hahn’s high-quality meats, and a wide selection of BBQ sauces and rubs. They sell unique items that you will be hard pressed to find in a grocery store. I walked out of the store with 3lbs of the Hahn’s bacon they use in their sandwiches.

Have you been to Pork and Beans Store in Westminster Md? Leave a comment below. Do you have a favorite sandwich shop, let me know.

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