The Bagel Baker

The Bagel Baker in Virginia Beach, VA is making New York style bagels.

Another list and another opportunity to see what someone believes to be the best. On this particular occasion I read a story on Microsoft Bing, that highlighted the best breakfast sandwich in every state. Once again, the restaurant or in this case the Bagel Bakery was within a short drive. So the Road Warrior in me, said lets’ check out The Bagel Baker in Virginia Beach VA and see what is so special about their breakfast sandwich. It was promising walking in the door. Not that I like standing in a line; but with most of the tables full and a line of people ordering, you would think the food was going to be good.

The Bagel Baker BB on Broadway
The BB on Broadway

The BB on Broadway was said to be the Best Breakfast Sandwich in Virginia. After trying it, I’m questioning the author’s judgement. The BB on Broadway comes with American Cheese, your choice of meat, a hash brown, and of course your choice of bagel. I decided to go with the Sesame Bagel and Italian sausage. I have no complaints about the bagel, you would expect a bagel shop to have good bagels. Where it starts to go bad, is that the sausage was over microwaved, and the hash brown was not close to being crispy. The sandwich was ho-hum at best.

The Bagel Baker Avocado Toast Everything Bagel
The Avocado Toast Everything Bagel

The Avocado Toast Everything Bagel was a tasteless mess. It is a shame when you have to add salt to food to bring out any flavor. Some people may enjoy a salad for breakfast, but this was supposed to be a sandwich. What made it worst, was they did not think to provide a fork or have forks available.

Once again, I’m left to wondering what was the criteria used to call the BB on Broadway the best Breakfast Sandwich in Virginia. I can honestly say that I will never return. It’s just not worth the drive. Now there was a lot of young families eating there. So you may want to judge¬† The Bagel Baker for yourself.

Have you been to The Bagel Baker? What is your favorite breakfast sandwich? Leave your comments below.

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